About Us

AsianPUA.com is a community based resource for compiling the most comprehensive reviews and comments about all the Asian Pick Up Artists in the Seduction Community. We hope to make this a vital resource for anyone looking to find more about their favorite non-white PUAs as well as their first stop before taking a program with one of them.

This is YOUR site with YOUR reviews. Some of these guys are the real deal while some of them are straight up scam artists. Help us separate the wheat from the chaff by putting up your reviews of their programs so others aren’t cheated out of their hard earned money. Help us turn the Seduction Community back into what it was originally meant for, self-help and guys helping other guys. In other words, a true community.

We are constantly working to improve the site, so feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback. We are also always on the lookout for new reviews and Asian PUAs to add to our glossary, so please submit any reviews which might be missing from the site.

We hope that you find this guide to be helpful on your journey, and that you gain as much value from reading it as we have found from putting it together.

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