Winston Wu from Happier Abroad

Winston Wu from Happier Abroad

While Winston Wu is neither a traditional Asian Dating Coach nor Asian Pick Up Artist although he does promote a different dating lifestyle for Asian men that supposedly ensures sexual and romantic success with women. He is a controversial figure as he achieved his initial notoriety overseas by being beaten up by Russian gangsters for being a sex tourist and then at home, advocating Asian American men should move overseas to find love, sex and success and thus be Happier Abroad.

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  1. Hi this is Winston Wu. Thanks for mentioning me and my movement. I invite everyone to visit my site and forum at the link above, and especially see the Comparison Chart I put together of all the true but taboo benefits and differences that going overseas can bring you. It nails all the main points and is a total clincher. The interviews on my site are also a winner and refreshing dose of truth and hope, so that frustrated guys in America can finally realize the truth that “the problem is NOT them” which is very liberating and validating.

    Winston Wu

  2. Im am a supporter and active contributor to Winston’s happier abroad website. I have become an inspired and active constribitor there. Guys should come see us and learn how much better men can have it with foreign woman. We are inspired to help others see the differences and make their own choices in dating partners and about living in America

  3. More self promotion Winnie? Any half-wit knows what a piece of work you are. A self admitted
    degenerate VD infested dolt and deadbeat dad, who was out screwing a whore while his son as born.

  4. If you are Asian man,you have to find women overseas?Lame.There are many nice American though.You do not have to go to overseas.

    It sounds like Asian men should not exist in America??Even you born this country?It’s racist.

    It’s not good solution.It gives us another bad stereo type image.Oh,you are Asian guy,you better not be in the club,get out and find mail order bride or go romance tour with second marriage old men???

    White like Black men.They earned status as sexual men.They have sexy actors and singers.Then girls connect black guys with those icons.

    Asian men,oh,kangufu guy,nerd,funny guy ( better than nerd,good going).Are there any Asian sports star?You can’t count foreign born guys.Changing our stereo type is not good for us but good for future generation.When the Asian men has those sexy stereo type like black men.I think this war is over.

    Do not run away to overseas.Mail order bride from Russia was popular back then pre-world war time.Government did not accept female Asian immigrants,they had to invite bride from Russia and Ukrain.I read the story long time ago.

    Winston,this is not improvement of our social status at all.It maybe easy solution.

    European guys said American girls are open and sociable.They say American girls are easy to get.It is just how you perceive the women you saw.

    I know Asian guys need to learn socializing with women and over come sexual anxiety in some point.But going to abroad,specially third world country is not buying woman but something close mentality to that.

    By the time Asian guy does romantic guys role in the Hollywood movie.It is the end of’oh,I can’t talk to girls because I am Asian’ mentality.

    It’s like a batting average.If you did not at box,you never have a chance to hit.Great one is over 300.275 is not bad. 215 or even 124,045 are not zero.

    I have asked tall white guys how to date Asian girls.They also worry about approaches etc.I start to think it’s not about race though.

    But we need to change our stereo type for our future generation.

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