Asian Playboy (JT Tran) from ABCs of Attraction

JT Tran, aka the Asian Playboy or the “Asian Hitch”, is arguably the most famous Asian PUA outside of the community having spoken at Harvard University, Yale University, University of Chicago, featured in major publications like New York Magazine, and appearing on television like ABC and NBC (according to his Wikipedia entry).

He is the founder of the ABCs of Attraction, a pickup company that focuses on helping Asian guys be more successful with women, runs one of the longest running seduction blogs, The Asian Playboy Blog, and was voted #1 Asian Pickup Artist in the World.

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

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  1. Hi guys,

    I thought I would share my experiences on the Sydney bootcamp I recently completed. It was just myself and another Asian student (Tigerbalm) on this bootcamp, so it was a very personalised program that JT ran. In addition, we had PUAsia join us in the field on Day 1&2 and JT’s wing girl Roulette (a hot Sydney blonde JT met the week before and closed during the weekend – pictures are in the Sydney 09 Facebook photo album) joined us on Day 2.

    For this review I’ll simply list down the highlights and lowlights of each night’s field work. If you want further details of the fieldwork I did, I will be putting up a Sydney bootcamp FR soon with plenty of detail. JT has also put up some in-field photos on the ABCs facebook page.

    I mentioned in my first post to this forum that I was underprepared going into the bootcamp. In hindsight, more self-preparation would have helped, but at the same time JT taught me so many things that I could not have worked out on my own and he also destroyed my limiting beliefs.

    Bootcamp preparation details
    Fashion & grooming
    I felt that I was reasonably prepared in terms of fashion and personal grooming. I had a few nice shirt and jean combos that I was able to use in Sydney (you can see my photo in the APB Sydney bootcamp photos, I’m the guy in the silver shirt).

    Approach Anxiety
    I had prepared for this mainly through my casual work as a nightclub photographer. I guess my camera was my gimmick to approach but I felt my AA was manageable by the start of bootcamp.

    Pre-HW assignments
    I honestly was unable to craft compelling stories or an opener until JT showed us how to spin our experiences into DHV stories. After he did that I was surprised how easily I could embellish my personal stories and how to use tonality effectively in my DHV stories during my good sets.

    Day 1 – Lecture
    JT covers A & B. He coaches us and teaches me the basics of game. I feel like I have plenty of interesting experiences in life to share with women, but never known how to tell them in a DHV way. The practical exercises we go through are very helpful.

    Somehow I manage to craft my own natural opener and JT likes it, he thinks it will work fine.

    Day 1 – Field work
    – Successfully overcome AA and become comfortable opening sets.
    – My natural photography opener works great and I get better throughout the night at delivering it.
    – JT’s super fast kino work on a promo girl.
    – JT and PUAsia completing engaging the promo girls and pulling us into the set to watch how they work. The girls completely forget they are supposed to try and sell us drinks.
    – Watching JT and PUAsia at work. Their ease at opening and engaging sets is pretty awe-inspiring. Great to be pulled into their sets and see up close how PUAs converse, build up rapport and kino.
    – JT coaching me while I am in the middle of conversation with a beautiful Russian blonde.
    – Maintaining a 15 min conversation with a beautiful lone wolf Hungarian blonde. After she leaves due to AMOG friend, I’m overcome with emotion and start to tear up. This is the first time I’ve ever chatted up a girl like that and it felt doubly amazing because she was gorgeous.
    – Acted as wingman for Tigerbalm and get a number close from busty Irish blonde after a 10 mins talking and good amount of kino.

    Mistakes made by me
    – Several sets I came in with too high energy and poor delivery, resulting in some weird “you look a bit hyper” looks.
    – A few sets I tried the kickstart opener completely at the wrong time, no kino and subsequently got an indifferent response.
    – Not enough BT spikes.
    – Not properly following JT’s instructions while in the middle of conversation with a beautiful Russian blonde, especially BT spiking and kino turn.
    – Forgetting the name of girls when reopening a set.
    – Not number closing after 15 min conversation with Hungarian blonde.

    Day 2 – Lecture
    JT covers C & D. Our goal tonight is isolation and kiss closing; he expects us to really ramp up our game after what we were able to achieve the night before. Again, the practical exercises we do are very helpful. I find I’m getting better at telling stories and improv although I still have a long way to go with tonality.

    Prior to hitting the field, Roulette helps us practice our direct openers and her feedback is invaluable.

    Day 2 – Field work
    – I pull a 3 set back to our table in 15 mins. (check photo on ABCs facebook page)
    – From the 3-set, HBAnneHathaway gives me IOIs and I’m completely besotted by the way she looks at me and smiles. I get the boyfriend excuse but still get number close.
    – JT opens the hottest two girls in the entire club and gets me talking to a 5’10” gorgeous blonde girl.

    Mistakes made by me
    – Getting oneitis due to HBAnneHathaway’s attention.
    – Poor C & D phases with HBAnneHathaway and unable to isolate.
    – Losing energy and motivation after realising I had fucked up with HBAnneHathaway
    – Didn’t take advantage of a great situation: I befriended a photographer and gave him tips on how to take better nightclub shots. He was using his hot girlfriend as a model…she had also brought along her equally hot sister and I didn’t open her properly! D’oh.
    – Poor kino with 5’10” gorgeous blonde girl that JT introed me to (on her back and too low). I’m unable to get her to sit down to talk.
    – Drank too much and this affected my concentration and energy.

    In the debrief, JT and Roulette give great feedback about my performance tonight. They felt I really could have gotten a kiss close had I been able to isolate and been more dominant.

    Day 3 – Lecture
    JT covers E & F. Very interesting to see his presenting on AMOG tactics as this happened last night and he defused the situations so easily. There were TONS of AMOGs trying to cockblock JT, this short 5″4 Asian Hobbit, with Roulette, this 5″10 super-attractive blonde white girl.

    We go through the material today rather quickly but JT makes sure we get the important points down. I would have liked more time to discuss extraction excuses and techniques.

    Day 3 – Field work
    – JT again demonstrates his kino work and BT spiking after opening HBBillyPiper 2-set and pulling me in.
    – I open a 3 set which then becomes a 5 set. My target HB8Asian is the last to join and I immediately move to her side and kino.
    – Successfully remove HB8Asian from AMOG that has opened the set after I leave for a short period. I demonstrate dominant body language and lead her out of the group.
    – Successfully isolate HB8Asian from her friends and get through C & D phase. Nearly screw up after I go with a direct compliment then try for a kiss, but she turns away. But she then tells me she wants to dance and leads me to dance floor…
    – First ever grinding experience with a girl on a dancefloor.
    – After first ever grinding experience, HB8Asian initiates kiss and we makeout for 1 hour around the nightclub. She is completely sober the entire time and completely smitten with me.

    Mistakes made by me
    – I let HBBillyPiper 2-set get stolen by a couple of douchebags after I went to get a drink and I wasn’t brave enough to push the “King of the Hill” techniques. Very pissed off especially given that JT and I had done all the hard work. (see the blonde and the brunette I’m posing with. I liked the blonde girl)
    – Poor extraction excuse and delivery. Negative response from HB8Asian. Probably should have done more to reassure her friends that she would be safe with me.

    So there you have it guys. I would recommend to any guys wanting to take the bootcamp that at the very least, you need to have your AA manageable and have taken some reasonable steps with your fashion and grooming.

    In hindsight, I felt that I could have pushed myself more, particularly on Day 2, but going through the bootcamp really was like taking the red pill. Fark, I still can’t believe I made out with a girl the same night I met her.

    JT, thank you for changing my life around!!! I know there’s still a lot of hard work ahead of me to develop my PU skills but now I feel confident of finding the girlfriend I’ve always wanted.

  2. JT is Legit, saw him basically pull a girl off her boyfriend during the third night of his NY ’11 bootcamp. He then made out with her and number closed her.

    Additonally I had the great pleasure of getting the anger from some members of the group, because I was trying to pickup one of the other girls in front of her boyfriend

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