London Soul (Jeremy) from Love Systems

Jeremy Soul is the Day Game Instructor for Love Systems.

Ethnicity: Filipino

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  1. Jeremy “London” Soul Day Game Workshop Review – Los Angeles, February 2010

    Review by “Possible”

    Since there are a lot of reviews that explains the format and what techniques you will learn when you take the Day Game Workshop, I will write on what I learned during bootcamp and how it’s affecting my life.

    I’ve read about 6-8 books on dating including Magic Bullets, which was the last I’ve read. The feeling that I have was “I kinda understand, but… not really”. I’m a nice guy and I cannot nor want to change that. My definition of a nice guy, is a guy who is not a jerk, cares about others, likes to help but not necessarily an AFC. Anyway, to attract women, being alpha male, is key. My problem is, I did not know how to be a nice guy and an alpha male at the same time.

    The first part of the Day Game Workshop was about theories. Soul was excellent in explaining what an alpha male is in term of attracting women. As if a light bulb was turned on in my head, I started to really understand all the articles and books that I’ve read in terms of attracting women. His explanation was very logical and broken down into steps that are easily understood. At the same time, he made it easy to see that attracting women is truly a skill that can be learned. After the seminar, I remember I was thinking: “I have hope!”

    The second part was in field training. I was assigned to Bonsai first. My hands were sweaty and my legs would sometimes shake under me. I was thinking I might get slapped or arrested, but Bonsai assured me that I’m gonna be ok. He taught me exactly what to say and send me to my first cold approach. And voila, Bonsai was right. No “fuck you”, “get lost loser”, or “I’m calling the cops”. The girl was flattered and we talked for a minute or two, but she said she was in a hurry. I was blown away! It is possible for women to talk to strangers who expressed interest! I don’t remember exactly how many, but Bonsai sent me to talk to what it felt like tons of different women and I was growing my balls. Thank you Bonsai!!!

    After a few hours, I got Soul to help me. It’s time to work on techniques and Soul got a lot of them. I only approached a few women but he was very perceptive of what I do and I don’t do. He corrected a lot of my mistakes. I also got to talk to him more and he makes me really understand what is an alpha male nice guy. I believe he IS one. He’s very grounded, real, caring and genuine in helping people and yet, he knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to take risks to get it.

    I remember I asked him if he can show me how to approach a girl that’s moving fast. Moments later, a girl was jogging and he said to me “how about that one?” And sure enough, he caught the girl and chatted her up. We can see that the girl was in a hurry and showed no interest whatsoever but Soul persisted. When the girl left, Soul came back and asked me if I learned the way he manage to stop that girl. Well you know what Soul, I learn a lot more than that. The girl was rushing, trying to brush him off, but Soul was poised, calm, and very much in control. I can see very clear what Soul was doing because it’s in contrast of what the girl is doing. This is the best example for me on how to pick up a girl in day time. I’m a total believer.

    The day almost ended and we huddled for a last debrief. When out of nowhere, a hot girl passed by and caught Soul’s attention. Long story short, he got her number and mentioned that her name is Marie Digby. I almost fainted. No wonder she looked familiar. If you know who she is, then you know that’s just purely awesome!

    When I left that day, I felt something changed in me. I felt way better about myself. I felt I have more control over my life. I felt that I can be somebody who I always wanted to be: an alpha male nice guy. Thank you Soul! The next time we meet and you ask me, what is the last thing I wanted to do but never did and have regrets about, I would like to have the same answer as yours. Nothing.

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