Johnny Wolf from ABCs of Attraction

Johnny Wolf from ABCs of Attraction

Johnny Wolf is the former lead instructor (now semi-retired) of the ABCs of Attraction pickup company, as well as the founder of the SoCal Lair and the co-founder of the Global PUA Summit. He also runs his own blog, The Social Secrets.

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

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  1. Hey folks! Just got ran through the ringer with Johnnywolf and Sonic! And boy what an eye opener those three nights were!
    Day 1 A and B:
    We went over the basics of A and B. Did some drills and it was out to the field! But that night, we got a special treat: Asian Playboy and Gareth Jones were meeting us up at that venue! Talk about being able to meet your heroes – I was literally surrounded by three guys I’d net stalked since I’d gotten into the community: Johnnywolf, Asian Playboy, and GarethJones! APB pointed out a big AFC mistake we students were making by just standing there and not being social! And GarethJones, completely decked out like a Rock Star, kindly corrected a fashion mistake I was making!
    The club was AWESOME! It was one of the best club in Vegas and we walked past EVERYONE to get in! Talk about a running start! Once we got in, we started opening sets off the bat! Seriously, I opened more sets that night than I’d ever done before! Faces and voices literally became a blur – I actually ended up opening the same set twice with the same opener!
    Best set of the night were a two set – one blond, HB6, and one Asian, HB7. Ended getting a kiss on the cheek from both gal at the same time for a picture! And I got to motorboat a hot blond!
    Day 2 C and D:
    Went out to a club again and this time, we had VIP seats! Goal for the night, GET as many girls back there before we left!
    And boy did we! Off the bat, I opened every set in sight and offered to get them to the back, which, in retrospect, was a bad thing. Because I ended up opening practically EVERY set before the first hour. I guess I ended up locking myself in my own mental stalemate because I was having difficulties jumping back into the sets. So I chilled for a few minutes and tried again. I went out and pulled back a three set of Hispanic girls (HB7-HB8s). Unfortunately, I was still stuck in BT mode and didn’t BLP immediately. The set quickly lost interest and left.
    Went out and opened again! This time, I opened up a set of older Blondes (HB7s) at the outside bar with an indirect! I BLP myself with my back to the bar and kino my target. When her friend tried to pull her away, I offered to take them to the back! I managed to lead them halfway back to the area when her friend screamed out, “We need to grab our drinks!” Foolishly, I let go of my target’s hand and they disappeared into the crowd!
    Opened up more sets that night and pulled a few more girls back! Even tried out the Wolf Trap on a girl, but I didn’t BT spike enough to get a kiss close! But I’m no longer skeptical of whether or not it could work on a girl I just meet! Managed a number close on a HB8 Black hottie! Already set up a day two! WOOT!
    But we RAN that club! There wasn’t ONE girl there who was not opened up by one of us by the end of the night! Johnnywolf also crack this EXTREMELY stand-offish English hottie! Seriously, if you’d seen her when we brought her back initially, you’d swear she hated every moment of being back there with us! But Johnny hounded her down and smashed through her shields!
    Day 3 E and F:
    This was, out of all the nights, THE most fun for me! We went to another exclusive night club – and though this time there was no VIP service, TONS more set and TONS more girls!
    I chickened out on a two set of black girls initially. Felt like a douche, because I allowed myself to fail and worse, I allowed myself to fail infront of Johnny! I immediately opened a Asian girl with a direct line. I ran a little game on her and sexually kino’ed. But I didn’t BLP myself in a favorable advantage and she saw her friends leaving and left.
    What impressed me the most about this night weren’t the direct or indirect game I played, it was the AMOGs! I manage to do three AMOG sets and successfully AMOG two of the three sets, to where the guys actually gave up!
    Best set was opening HB8 Asian Girl waiting in line at the bar. She was dancing with three Asian girls around her and I’d just seen her push away a drunk guy who was trying to get her to dance with him. I was about to go in when I noticed a tall, poshly dressed Asian guy next to her. I noticed that ALL the girls were dancing around him and giving him glances occasionally. I opened up by asking how much the drinks costs! He gave some kind of answer, but I didn’t make it out. I tapped him on the arm and said thanks. Then made eye contact with HB8 Asian girl and ad lib on how crazy expensive the drinks were! I side stepped and kino-grabbed her to get and locked the guy out. I ad lib more with connection using Baily’s Irish Cream. I lead her back a few steps and was whispering in her ear. Found out the Asian guy was just a friend.
    This was mind blowing for me, because I had always been intimidated by mix sets. But now, I realize that if I allow myself to be deceived by my own fears, I’ll never learn the truth! I initiated kino sexually and she was IOI’ing! At one point, I stopped talking, went into the ‘cowpoke’ stance, and just looked into her eye. What happened next COMPLETELY blew my mind!
    After what felt like five minutes, but was probably five seconds, she started talking about herself and why she was in Vegas. I kino’ed here and there, but I probably didn’t say more than just a few “Yeah,” “Oh wow, really!” After a minute or two of her rambling, I figure I try the Wolf Trap again. I was about to start in on the second attempt when the shot girl came and interrupted. HB8 Asian girl, literally, HOPPED back. We decline the shots but she went back to her friends and Asian boss guy was eying me. He’d repositioned himself in the center of the dancing girls. He did not seem happy, and was saying something to my target. I decided eject!
    I probably should gone in and # close. My problems that night was that I was all over the place too quick and too soon! Within the first hour, I’d made a full round of the club! I had no problem with indirect, but I wanted to concentrate on direct! Unfortunately, I had to pump myself up for a good ten minutes before I could even hop in for direct open. Need to be in the moment more!
    Quality of the Boot Camp: 10/10!
    The Las Vegas Bootcamp was a phenomenal experience. Even right now, it still hasn’t fully hit me! I’d just studied directly under Johnny! I meet an up and coming Asian American Musician, Johnny Ban, and got his music directly from HIM! On top of that I got the chance to meet the Asian Playboy and GarethJones! As well as a Hollywood Celebrity who was with them! I got to chill at an AWESOME suite at Drumpf Towers! ALL of this in ONE weekend!
    Quality of Instructor: 100/10
    Johnnywolf certainly knew how to break it down! I was expecting to have pie charts and club battle tactics! Memorizing a movie’s script length in openers. Being able to AMOG while juggling knives while gurgling the National Anthem. But Johnny broke everything down. He was patient and answered ALL questions. He made sure the students had the information down and understood it well before moving on! And best of all, he was just an incredibly awesome guy to be around! And the same goes for Sonic, who is easily the most slickest Asian dresser I’ve ever meet!
    Would I recommend the ABC of Attraction Bootcamp?

    YES! And by that I mean HELL YES!

  2. Hey guys,
    I’m from Sydney, aged 25, but live and work mainly in Asia; although I travel frequently to Europe/LA/Japan. Prior to the bootcamp with Johnny Wolf, I basically had problems approaching white girls. I think the major contributing reason was because a few years ago, I received a harsh rejection from a white girl that I approached in Sydney (she was my first, and last until this bootcamp). She had said “I would never date an Asian, and told me to f* off”. The bootcamp I had was a 1-on-1 with Johnny Wolf at the Full Moon Party, Koh Phangnan, Thailand. This will be a short review, because I’m at the airport tonight about to fly out; but feel free to ask questions.
    I opened a lot of sets, so I can not remember every interaction; but here is a brief summary.
    Day 1:
    Met Johnny on the ferry to the island in the morning – funnily enough, he was talking to everyone on the boat before we even got to the island.
    Bootcamp started at ~4pm
    – learnt ABCDEF structure
    – learnt A and B, body language, ways to raise buying temperature, etc.
    – During the first night of the bootcamp I approached 10 hot white girls
    – Note that before this night, I had never EVER kissed a white girl.
    – I kissed 6 of them! I did get one harsh rejection from one of the girls, but I forget what she said.
    – I was surprised I was comfortable approaching, but approach anxiety got in the way of me occasionally (as with the subsequent nights)
    – got AMOGGED by a LOT of white guys – was taught how to deal with this on Day 3
    Day 2:
    – debrief day 1
    – approached girls on the beach (something I’ve never done before – and they were hot!!!). I agree with Johnny with one thing – if they are hot in the day in a bikini on the beach, they would be even more stunning at night
    – learnt C and D in the afternoon
    – In the evening, I can’t remember how many sets I opened, but I got two makeouts
    – got one hickey from a white girl, and a kiss on the lips in <5 minutes from her friend. The girl that gave me a kiss said she had a boyfriend...I replied to her "It's ok, he won't find out"....
    - I opened a two set of girls that was memorable. The first thing the girl said, was that "Can you guys go away? I just kept talking and talking, and they responded relatively positively. One thing I realised from this bootcamp is that I typically eject from social interactions way too early. Talking and talking after she said this made me realise that I need to push past my comfort zone to improve.
    - at the end of the night, approached a 2-set of Irish girls dancing on the table and bounced them to another bar - took shots - kissed - Johnny was with the other girl the whole time, he kissed his girl too. We then did some crazy dancing and walked on the beach back to our place (beachfront) to use our toilets haha.....but they went in to the toilets together, and left straight after...their buying temperature was waay too high.
    Day 3:
    - debrief day 2
    - learnt E and F
    - learnt how to deal with AMOGs
    - most of my sets failed to hook on the final night - but was a crazy fun night nevertheless...talked to a lot of people
    - practiced dealing with AMOGs (seemed no shortage on this island!)
    - when I was talking to some Swedish girls, some white guy came up to us and started AMOGGing. I used the AMOG techniques that Johnny had taught me.
    - I talked to a girl and we went up to her place and started making out....AND HER FIANCEE WALKED IN. HE LOOKED LIKE HE WANTED TO KILL ME and I ran back down to the beach to find Johnny. The girl had lied and said she was travelling alone! Johnny said that I should have taken her to my place and not to buy into her frame of walking her home...
    This bootcamp was definately worth the flight to Thailand and the 12hr+ trip from Bangkok to the island. Johnny Wolf was an excellent teacher. I would recommend this bootcamp to friends. I had previously never been to Thailand before, and now I'm thinking of going there to live for a few months!

  3. Introduction:
    Hi, my name is Chris Pham; I haven’t given myself a PUA name like some people did….yet. I’m 26 years old, and I’m Vietnamese. I have a college degree in Computer Science. And, most importantly, I had little experience with women; basically, I had a bunch of oneitis’s, meaning I got attached to the nearest girl in my social circle. This happened a lot over the years. I’ve had a oneitis with my friend. We we’re friends since high school, but she wasn’t interested, and long story short, after 7 years of friendship, we are no longer friends, sadly. Experiences like these is what drove me into the pickup game.
    Why I decided to do the boot camp:
    I didn’t decide on my own. My brother-in-law, who I consider to be my flesh-and-blood brother, and is also white haha, signed me up to this boot camp. We actually got interested in the game two years ago when he introduced me to Neil Strauss’s The Game. My brother asked me if I wanted to do it. I said, “Yes”. I don’t know why I agreed, because I’ve always had severe approach anxiety, and every time we talked about approaching girls or going to a boot camp, my heart would start beating fast, and I felt like I would die at that moment. But, that was one side of me, my weaker side; the other side of me was tired of the way things were going with my love life, and I wanted to be able to get with the girl I truly wanted. I also wanted to gain something else, confidence. It wasn’t just my relationship with women that suffered, it was everything else in my life; I was deathly afraid to try new things, such as Salsa dancing or Mixed Martial Arts, because I didn’t think I was good enough, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to socialize with those kind of people. I was afraid I was going to be that weird guy. That is why I decided to do this boot camp. I needed this.
    About the ABC’s of Attraction structure and classroom education:
    Before doing this boot camp, I’ve read “The Game”, and studied material ONLY from Neil Strauss and Mystery, since they were the stars in that book. So, here’s my advice, put everything you know about pickup, and put it aside, because it will only get in the way during the classroom lectures. You can reference them for material later on, but I think you need a clean slate in your mind to make room to establish a new foundation and for new material.
    I loved the way the material was organized. Every topic, whether it was openers, number-closing, kiss-closing, or any part of the material, were separated into logical pieces, so that it was easier to analyze and understand. Before the boot camp, I tried a few canned openers, and I understood the general idea behind them, but I wasn’t fully sure how and why they worked. The structure of the material allowed me analyze each piece of a routine, and when I understood how one worked, it was easier for me to create and experiment with my own material. I also like how efficient the ABC’s of Attraction structure is; it seems like everything I learned about pickup has been streamlined to be efficient and effective. Basically, all the routines that had less than a 95 percent success rate have been taken out. I’m pretty sure I have A.D.D., since going to college for my Computer Science degree was pretty tough; I always had trouble grasping topics, but the structure of this material allowed me to grasp the concepts easily.
    The classroom lecture was a must. I could read all the material in the world, but there were always some blanks to fill, which I could’ve done by going out and experimenting myself or have the instructors fill in those blanks for me. I prefer the instructors since having someone there who’s been through the same struggles, felt more personal, and through sharing his experiences, helped me get a better grasp on the topics. There are tons of material to go over, and you may not get through it all in those two or three days of the boot camp, but the instructors go over the core fundamentals. They go through each topic in-depth from opening a set to f-closing. In my opinion, you don’t need to go through and learn every single thing. What I needed was to build my foundation in each topic, which I can certainly did in those three days. And, once you build that foundation, then you can go over the extra material. There were also the drills that you had to do for each topicl. I thought this was one of the most important parts of the lecture, and, also, good practice of the material. I am very satisified how the material and lecture was setup.
    About your instructor Johnny Wolf, and intern-approach coach Ben J. – Instruction, field work and demoing:
    I love Johnny Wolf and Ben J., no homo! Haha! You know what I thought before I met Johnny? Johnny has been teaching for several years now, and he’s taught so many students, so I thought I was just another student to him, at least that’s how it was when I went to school for Computer Science. I was wrong. Johnny cared about me, and he really wanted me to succeed. Ben J. was awesome; he always made sure I kept my head high. They explained everything slowly and clearly. If I had a question about a topic we talked about already, they were happy to answer it. I mentioned previously I have minor ADD, I’m also a slow learner. So, when they lectured, or when I had to practice my material in front of them, I would sometimes forget what I had to say or what I had to do, but they were very patient with me and helped me through it. I appreciated that very much.
    There was also some role play we did for everything we learned that day before we went out, where one of them would pretend to be a girl, and I had to run my routines on them. It was pretty amusing, but it was a good warm up, and learning experience. Doing these two or three times actually improved my improv skills. They were pretty accurate in portraying the women in the clubs, since they had so much experience with women.
    While on the field, I would go around doing my sets. After every set Johnny and Ben would give me input on what I did wrong and what I needed to do; I lost a lot of sets, which was expected of me, but they reassured me that it was all right, and pushed me to keep going. If I needed a break, I chilled with them for a while to relax, and they were cool with that. It also gave me to time to reevaluate my strategies. That same night, I got two phone numbers from girls I really connected with, and yes, they were very cute. I was happy! I’ve never gotten a girl’s phone number before. All those sets that I lost, I forgot about them; they didn’t matter. Johnny and Ben pushed you, but they’ll only push you so much; you have to do the work. They wouldn’t Johnny and Ben are great guys, and I didn’t want to let them down. It was that reason that I barely had approach anxiety; I had some, but it was manageable. I even got to watch them in action. Before the boot camp, I’ve never seen a PUA at work, only on Youtube and other videos. I know Ben is just an intern, but after seeing him in the field, they need to promote him to PUA haha! Johnny and Ben are the real deal. Anyway, I was able to watch and analyze them, and they did exactly what they taught me in the lecture. I knew for sure these tactics worked.
    Was it worth the money and would you recommend it to others?:
    After looking back at all I’ve done in those three days, then looking at myself and seeing how much I’ve changed since I signed up for the boot camp, this was totally worth it. I definitely recommend this to others who really want to change their lives. I’ll be honest, I wanted to quit before I even went to the boot camp because I was so nervous, and scared. I was so close to calling in and quitting so many times. Then I remember Johnny saying “…it’s easier to quit.”, then I remembered what my social life was like before I signed up. So, I forced myself to keep pushing through, and I’m so happy I stayed with it. This is the first time I felt pain like this, pushed through, and come out the other side. I’m very happy with myself because I now know first hand that you HAVE to experience the pain before you get to the pleasure with whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Pain is nothing compared to the results, and now I have enough confidence to try those activities I’ve been putting off. I know I have some work to do, but my life is already a lot better. I would recommend this to anybody, no matter what social level you are; you can be a person that’s never talked to a girl, held hands with a girl, or never had a girlfriend, sign up for a boot camp. Thanks Johnny and Ben!

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