Loverboy formerly Real Social Dynamics

Loverboy formerly Real Social Dynamics


Formerly of Real Social Dynamics, Loverboy studied to be a doctor in Scotland.

He also developed the very first PUA video that went viral outside of the Seduction Community, called “Loverboy’s Tribute to Sarging.”

Loverboy no longer teaches.

Ethnicity: Chinese

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  1. Summary: the bootcamp with Loverboy was awesome and life-changing. I hadn’t had sex» in five months, and following the bootcamp I had sex» – or oral sex» – with four girls in three weeks.

    From the beginning:
    I stumbled across this site in late 2003. I was a virgin, aged 19 – a fairly typical geek, highly intelligent but with average to poor social skills. Luck soon gave me my first lay, a one night stand a few weeks after I found ASF (the girl picked me up, total fool’s mate). It was the last for a while. In 2004 I took the RSD seminar and workshop in Sydney in March, and again in October. Each time my game was boosted significantly, and I got some lays and girlfriends from the post-workshop high. And then – since I had a girlfriend – I didn’t keep sarging, and I lost momentum to sarge, and then just slept with girls in my social circle. Also I have an extremely demanding job, so I have little time in which to sarge. My social circle was working pretty well for me, approximately one girl a month for the first five months of this year.

    In June I moved to Scotland (due to the job), and the loss of all my old friends and girlfriends has been difficult, socially. I lost confidence and my social anxiety rose to its old crippling levels. The job has me working 60+ hours a week, and I had little time to make new contacts or develop social ability. I’d heard of Loverboy, an Edinburgh RSD instructor, and I’d heard he was good, so I signed up for a bootcamp.

    The bootcamp took place from November 18 to 20. That’s about six weeks ago and my memory has faded, so this isn’t as detailed as some reviews.

    Loverboy called to set up a meeting place. It turns out that I was supposed to have been sent a form to describe myself, my skills, and what I wanted out of the bootcamp, but I’d never received it. This organizational mistake was one of the few criticisms I can make of the bootcamp. It was minor. LB and I met and we talked about my background and what I wanted from this. I was vague – sometimes I believe I want to be a PUA, other times I think I have no time for that and I just want a girlfriend. It would be better if I had greater intent.

    Loverboy briefly went over some basics of PU, but having read ASF for years and taken RSD courses before, I knew most of the concepts. LB said, basically, that I would get out of the bootcamp what I put in. I was aware of this and was committed to putting in a lot of effort. I hear about these guys who believe that simply showing up will transform them. Maybe that’s where some of RSD’s detractors come from. Obviously you have to be prepared to face immense social pressure as your instructor pushes you to do things you would never normally do. And you have to drop your ego.

    I told him I had sticking points: approach anxiety, maintaining the girls’s attention in loud clubs, and approaching during the day (something I’d like to do but have no idea how to do).

    So we went to some venues and LB started pointing out sets to approach. At first I would overanalyze: should I approach from this side or that side? Which opener? Have I opened her before? LB told me to stop doing that. Almost every set opened. LB told me I was too uptight and too serious. I need to smile more. Talk slower. Chill out. As the night wore on, I took on this advice. I became more fun, more witty and more creative. The interactions were ok, but not really leading anywhere.

    I was relaxing but was still not relaxed enough. LB must have decided I needed to face such social pressure that would make all subsequent social pressure seem insignificant. LB told me to approach two girls sitting at a table with the “sorry I’m late” opener. He told me what to do and I was thinking, there is no way this is going to work. There is just no way. I sat down and dumped my stuff on the table.
    “Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible. So, what’s up?”
    The girls looked at me with some mixture of horror and indignation. No-one spoke for ten seconds. I got up and left.

    LB made me approach mixed sets. Then he made me do the “sorry I’m late” opener again.
    “This time, you’ve got to SMILE. It’s FUNNY,” he said, and pointed out two hot blondes sitting at a table.

    There’s just no way this is going to work. There is just no way.
    I sat down and dumped my stuff on the table, and SMILED.
    “Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible. So, what’s up?”
    The girls look stunned. The girls look at each other. The girls crack up laughing. All right!

    The interaction was awesome after that. LB comes over and we owned that set for a while. I can’t remember what happened to it, but – based on the experience and calibration I have now – I know I should have got their numbers.

    More sets, more feedback. My body language is still a bit stiff. Try to lean on something if I can. I’m reaction-seeking. When I make a joke or tell a story, I’m always checking to see whether they liked it.

    We met up with some guys from the Scotland Lair. These are all extremely cool guys, and they helped out with the bootcamp too, giving great feedback and criticism. Thanks to Buchy and some other guys whose ASF alter-egos I don’t know.

    “Sorry I’m late” again. This time it’s a four-set at a table where one girl has just gotten up to get drinks, so I stole her place and ran the opener. One girl in the corner hates it, but one of the other girls tries to be clever.
    “Hey guys, sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible. So, what’s up?”
    “Oh yeah, we were just talking about how last time we were together, you promised you’d buy us all drinks.”
    It was kind of bitchy and probably intended to tool me or make me leave. I just claimed that they had it the wrong way around: I couldn’t possibly have promised that because I am unemployed and broke, and I live in a cardboard box with my mum, so I can’t buy them drinks. But if I remember correctly, they’re all millionaires, so they should buy me drinks. This is at least slightly funny and slightly clever, and it gets me in. We talk for a while, I’m awesome, they think I’m hilarious, and I get my first number in Scotland (it wasn’t solid).

    End of night one.

    LB was very flexible with bootcamp timing, so the next day started early at 2.30pm, so I could do some day sarging, which I was scared of and didn’t know how to do. Turns out, the way to do day sarging is: do it. It’s nothing special. I approached on the street, in a bookstore and in a supermarket. They were mostly lone girls. Loverboy saved some of my sets when they stalled. He’s very relaxed and comes across as simply sociable. He likes to cold read and I saw how effective that is. Again, as the day wore on, I became more sociable, less uptight, more creative, etc. I got a couple of numbers (they weren’t solid).

    LB took me shopping, and revamped my style so I would wear vibrant colors rather than black and grey.

    In the evening we sarged at clubs again. I was amazed at the improvement over the previous night. My body language was relaxed, my mind was clear and unfrightened (but still excited), and I was having a lot more fun. LB continued to refine my game and especially my attitude: fun, not serious. We had many fun interactions that night and I got three more numbers, one of which turned into a Day Two that didn’t work out, and another which turned into a relationship. Six weeks later, the night is kind of a blur.

    Because of the abnormally long second day of the bootcamp, Day Three was short, just a debriefing, where LB went over the RSD manual with me, and answered all the questions I had.

    The best thing about the bootcamp is the immediate and precise feedback, both on a macro scale (energy, seriousness) and a micro scale (precise things about body language, SMILE, specific things about what I did said or could have said). Going over the theory of the whole game was useful, but again, there weren’t many concepts I was unfamiliar with, due to reading ASF for ages and also the RSD programs I’d taken before.

    It was interesting to see and hear about LB’s lifestyle and that of the Lair. These guys have a social circle of hot girls, and they just lounge around like kings at the top of it. LB is easy to talk to and we were able to talk about non-PU-related stuff. He’d be fun to hang out with outside of PU.

    There were only two negative parts to it, which I mention for balance: the organizational screw-up where the survey form wasn’t emailed to me (minor), and LB seemed a little tired on Saturday and Sunday (again minor, and completely understandable given how late we were out). He was still effective, inspirational, helpful, all those things.

    I strongly recommend the Edinburgh RSD bootcamp.

    Post-bootcamp results:
    Nov 18-20: bootcamp
    Nov 26: Day Two, didn’t work out for unknown reason.
    Nov 27: Day Two with HBArtist.
    Dec 3: LR-, see Field Reports board
    Dec 10: LR-, see Field Reports board
    Dec 11: LR- Day Five with HBArtist, no report because that’s a relationship.
    Dec 17: LR, see Field Reports board

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